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Hey! Such a cool game, love the donuts. I love how its such a fast paced game and such a simple but fun concept! Great Game! Made a video on it, please check it out!

E Did a lets play on your lovely game and some cover art to boot, hope you enjoy the video, i loved playing it!

Even though the game made me have uncontrollable rage. It was fun to try and beat the impossible haha, thanks for a great game!

Btw that whole comment is a link too the video here it is again.

What an exciting game! It took me a while to fully get the controls down but I really loved this game even for how simple it was :D I did a playthrough of my adventure even though I could never actually beat the game xP

Haha, thanks 😁

This game is AWESOME! Even though I'm not a cop, I can relate to a lazy office and leaving all the work to the last minute. It's almost too accurate ;) I made a video for my little youtube channel if that's okay.

Thank you for the support !


Any chances you could upload .zip builds instead for compatibility with the app?


Yeah, sorry. We'll update that as soon as possible

Done ;)



Nice Game!! if i make a youtube vid will i need your permission? can i have your permission? thanks!! again, an amazing game! have you thought about giving it to steam? you could earn a bit of cash and itll be very popular!!

Hello, thanks !
Yes of course you can, we would be very happy if you shared our game ;)
For steam, we'll see if we have time to organize that, many projects in progress :p

Ok! if you want i can send you a link when im done! :)

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Yeah at